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Vaccination passport required for certain activities in the City of Pointe- Claire

The City of Pointe-Claire wishes to inform you that, in accordance with recent directives issued by the Québec government, those 13 years and over will have to show their vaccination passport as of September 1, 2021, in order to take part in certain activities organized by the City. Those 16 years and over will also have to show a photo ID.

Passport required

In accordance with the current government directives, the vaccination passport will be required to access activities at the Aquatic Centre and the Bob-Birnie Arena, as well as sports and physical activities, performances and screenings at the Stewart Hall Cultural Centre, the Noël-Legault Community Centre, nautical activities (canoe, kayak with multiple participants), the senior centre and certain chalets in parks. It will also be required for outdoor events with more than 50 people in attendance.

We encourage you to consult the online leisure programming and cultural activities to find out what activities are being offered this fall. Those who do not have their vaccination passport will not be able to participate in activities that require the passport.

Those who registered for activities at the Aquatic Centre since registration opened on August 24 can be reimbursed before October 1, 2021, without being charged an administrative fee, by contacting the Aquatic Centre at 514-630-1202.

The vaccination passport is also mandatory for activities organized by sports, cultural, social or community associations and held in one of the City’s buildings or on its outdoor sports fields.

Presentation of the passport

The passport must be presented at the entrance of the building by anyone aged 13 and over, along with a photo ID for those aged 16 and over.

The passport can be presented in paper format, on a cell phone or on the VaxiCode app. For details on how to obtain the vaccination passport, go to the Québec government website. For help on how to access your vaccination passport or to obtain a paper copy, you can book an appointment with the Library team.

Passport not required

The passport will not be required to access the service counters at City Hall and Public Security, the Central Library and the Valois Branch, exhibitions at the Art Gallery or the boutique and Kids’ Corner at the Stewart Hall Cultural Centre. In addition, it will not be required to register for cultural activities, with the exception of performances and screenings.

The vaccination passport is not mandatory for public outdoor activities in public spaces, such as the skatepark, the splash pad, tennis and basketball courts, baseball diamonds, the outdoor fitness park, the Terra-Cotta Natural Park or the ping-pong tables.

These directives can change at any time, without notice.

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.