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Reopening of the splash pad at Valois Park

Update July 27

Reopening of the splash pad

The City would like to inform you that the repairs have been completed and the Valois Park splash pad is once again open.

We remind you that it is important to follow the health measures issued by public health authorities at all times.



July 26

Vandalism: Closure of the splash pad at Valois Park

The City would like to inform you that the splash pad at Valois Park is closed until further notice due to acts of vandalism committed last night in the filtration room following a break-in. A notice will be issued for its reopening as soon as the teams have completed the repairs and replaced the necessary parts.

These acts of vandalism have a negative impact on the use of public places, in addition to generating unnecessary costs and degrading our living environments.

If you witness an act of vandalism, immediately contact Inspection –Public Security at 514-630-1234.