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Waste Management Squad met with over 6,000 residents this summer

The Mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, Morris Trudeau, and members of City Council are proud of the success of the Waste Management Squad, which helped over 6,000 residents learn more about good environmental practices this summer.

“The level of resident participation shows just how much we all care about protecting the environment. Results speak for themselves, since Pointe-Claire ranks second on the island of Montréal in terms of waste management,” said Mayor Trudeau.

The green squad informed residents on the types of waste accepted in each curbside collection, the proper sorting of residual materials, household composting and the use of the kitchen cone for organic waste. Squad members attended over 25 events and organized 45 workshops, many of them in day camps.

They also visited residents at their home. In addition, some 1,100 tenants of multi-unit buildings had the opportunity to learn how to compost organic waste. Residents could also obtain answers to their questions quickly and easily through telephone consultations.

“We are committed to launching new projects that support the protection of the environment and the Waste Management Squad is one such example. By raising community awareness on best practices in sustainable development, it helped promote and foster the adoption of sound habits that respect the environment,” concluded the Mayor.

The Waste Management Squad will be back next summer to offer more personalized services and advice to the community.


Information: 514-630-1200, communications@pointe-claire.ca