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Work on the water supply system in the area of De Bathurst, Longmore and De Marlin Crescent avenues to limit episodes of discoloured water

The City of Pointe-Claire would like to inform you that work on the water supply system is planned for March 16 in the area of De Bathurst, Longmore and De Marlin Crescent avenues as part of the continued analysis of the system in order to limit the episodes of discoloured water reported by certain citizens in the area.

The work will involve replacing a valve on the drinking water supply line at the intersection of De Bathurst and Longmore avenues and then adding another valve to the water supply system on De Marlin Crescent to reduce the impact of future work in the area.

In order to conduct the work, the drinking water supply will have to be cut off in the area, either in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on the street. The following addresses will be affected: 116 to 143 De Bathurst Avenue; 126 Longmore Avenue and 101 to 148 De Marlin Crescent Avenue. A boil water advisory will be in effect for these addresses when the water supply is restored.

While carrying out this work, our Public Works teams will also remove and replace pipe sections for analysis in preparation for future work on the system.

When the water supply is restored, the water may be discoloured for several residences in the area, even those not affected by the cuts. This discolouration results from pressure fluctuations in the pipes that cause mineral particles that are naturally stuck to the walls of the pipe to become detached. It is recommended to let the water run for a few minutes (about 10 to 15 minutes) until it is clear again before using it. The water remains drinkable unless specified otherwise.

Two temporary bleed lines have also been installed in the area to ensure continuous flushing and improve water circulation in the system, thereby limiting discolouration. Other work on the water supply system will follow in the coming weeks and months.



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