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Zero waste in the bathroom

Written in collaboration with Coopérative Incita

To make a smooth transition to a zero-waste lifestyle, one tip is to focus on one room of the house at a time. This way you don’t have to spread yourself too thin and you’ll stay motivated in the face of the effort involved. The bathroom is a good place to start, as it is often the smallest room in the house. In addition, the offer of bulk cosmetics and hygiene products is constantly growing.

Steps to follow and limits

Before getting to the heart of the matter, a few reminders about the zero-waste transition process:

  • Don’t try to change everything at once. It is best to go one item at a time, based on your needs. For example, when your shampoo bottle is almost empty, you may want to think about a more sustainable alternative. Usually our products are not all empty at the same time, so it’s easier to manage the transition this way.
  • Respect your personal limits by implementing changes that make you happy. Take it one step at a time!

Creating your own products

Looking for an inexpensive zero-waste alternative? Make your own products. The Internet is full of recipes that are quick and easy to make. Also visit your library to find books on the subject that will allow you to expand your knowledge and get advice.

Buying in bulk

Bulk grocery stores are offering more and more zero-waste products for the bathroom. Shampoos, conditioners and solid soaps are an effective alternative, since they don’t generate any waste. They can also be divided into smaller portions to take with you when you travel.

Questioning your habits

One step to take to reduce consumption is to ask yourself questions when buying products. Keeping in mind the reasons that guide our purchases means making more informed purchases.

A wide range of interesting eco-friendly alternatives are available to us when it comes to bathroom products. You will find a few ideas in the table below.

Hygiene products

In recent years, the market for reusable feminine hygiene products has grown considerably, as have incontinence products and diapers. You can now find reusable sanitary pads and even underwear that provide protection, in addition to the menstrual cup. Not only is it economical, it’s also comfortable.

The City offers a grant for the purchase of reusable hygiene products. For details, go to https://www.pointe-claire.ca/en/hygiene-products/


Here are a few zero-waste alternatives to bathroom items:

Item to be replaced Alternative
Q-tips Doctors advise against the use of Q-tips. If necessary, you can clean your ears with water in the shower.
Plastic toothbrush Opt for a bamboo toothbrush. The best alternative is to have a toothbrush with a detachable head so that you can keep the handle.
Plastic razor If you use a razor, opt for one where you can replace only the blade.
Makeup You can make it yourself or opt for refillable makeup products.
Toothpaste in a tube and mouthwash Homemade toothpaste recipes can now be found or you can purchase it in bulk. Before using these products, it is recommended to first discuss them with your dentist.