Road safety campaign

Road safety, I do my part!

The City of Pointe-Claire is pleased to announce the 2022 summer road safety awareness campaign under the theme “Road safety, I do my part!”

This new campaign aims to raise awareness in the community about sharing the road and the right actions to take while driving, biking or on foot to ensure everyone’s safety. Various messages will be broadcast on social media, televisions in municipal buildings and the City’s electronic billboards during the summer to highlight the importance of sharing the road, and being careful and courteous. With a concern for the environment, the campaign will be entirely digital.

Radar speed sign recommendations

Radar speed signs will be back in our neighbourhoods to remind motorists of the importance of slowing down and respecting the speed limit.

The City will call on the community for a second year to recommend locations for radar speed signs this summer. Three speed signs will be set up in as many sectors for one week, covering more than 60 streets in the territory over a period of more than 20 weeks.

Your recommendations may be for a sector, an intersection, an address, a public place, etc. We would ask that you specify the traffic direction. For example: In front of City Hall, on Saint-Jean Boulevard, northbound.

The recommendation period is now closed. Thank you for your recommendations!

The weekly schedule is as follows:

Week of May 30 1701 Sources Blvd 277 Inglewood 506 St-Jean
Week of June 6 458 Delmar 506 St-Jean 22 Rodney
Week of June 13 113 Sunnyside 33 Belmont 149 Millhaven
Week of June 20 138 Belmont 315 Elderodo 265 Inglewood
Week of June 27 481 Delmar 332 St-Louis 126 Belmont
Week of July 4 29 Brunet 421 Delmar 29 Brunet
Week of July 11 126 Belmont 38 Broadview 481 Delmar
Week of July 18 265 Inglewood 211 Lakeshore 138 Belmont
Week of July 25 149 Millhaven 124 Alston 113 Sunnyside
Week of August 1 22 Rodney 506 St-Jean 458 Delmar
Week of August 8 506 St-Jean 22 Rodney 1701 Sources Blvd
Week of August 15 124 Alston 149 Millhaven 277 Inglewood
Week of August 22 211 Lakeshore 265 Inglewood 506 St-Jean
Week of August 29 38 Broadview 126 Belmont 33 Belmont
Week of September 5 421 Delmar 29 Brunet 315 Elderodo
Week of September 12 332 St-Louis 481 Delmar 332 St-Louis
Week of September 19 315 Elderodo 138 Belmont 421 Delmar
Week of September 26 33 Belmont 113 Sunnyside 38 Broadview
Week of October 3 506 St-Jean 458 Delmar 211 Lakeshore
Week of October 11 277 Inglewood 1701 Sources Blvd 124 Alston

The locations are approximate. The radar speed signs will be installed at the beginning of the week indicated.

To cover as many locations as possible, Inspection – Public Security will install radar speed signs in turn at all the recommended locations in the City’s territory.