Waste management learning tools

The City has developed two fun tools to learn more about waste management: the Quiz Game and the children’s book Leonard’s Composting Adventures

Waste Management Quiz Game

This Quiz Game is a fun and educational creation aimed at making families aware of proper waste management. It’s a great way to learn or refresh their knowledge about the best environmental practices

The game earned a Plume d’excellence from the Association des communicateurs municipaux du Québec in 2020.

Citizens can get a free Quiz Game at the City Hall multiservice counter when they show their MULTI Card.

Children’s book Leonard’s Composting Adventures

Leonard’s Composting Adventures tells the story of a young boy and his cat as they learn how to compost and protect the planet. Their new friend, Mr. Compost, teaches them how to sort waste at source properly, how waste is turned into compost, and how composting has a positive impact on the environment. Mr. Compost takes Leonard and Kitty on a journey to a delightful, funny, and zany world full of sporty vegetables, dancing fruit, and smiling micro-organisms with a big appetite!

This educational, fun, and unique book will help children and their parents learn more about the importance of composting and how they can easily take part.

The book has won two Plumes d’excellence awards from the Association des communicateurs municipaux du Québec in 2018 and has won the “Coup de cœur” honourable mention at the Québec Waste Reduction Week Municipal Challenge in 2017.

Copies of this book created by the City are available for loan at the Library and for purchase at the multiservice counter at City Hall for $5.