Automated Alerts System

The City uses an automated emergency alert service to broadcast alerts and send you general advisories.

Stay informed by signing up for the automated alerts system

The automated alert system database contains all listed landline telephone numbers within the City of Pointe-Claire as of March 2023, as well as all numbers registered using the online form.

This call service allows the City to reach you to share alerts and general advisories.


What happens if you don’t answer a call?

  • If you have voicemail, the system will leave a message.
  • Otherwise, the system will call you back at least three times within 15 minutes.


Sign up!

  • Fill out the online form and receive alerts by phone (voice/text) and e-mail.
  • Download the CodeREDMobile Alert app to receive alerts on your smartphone when you are within City territory.


514 630-1200