Kitchen cone

This cone makes it easy to collect food scraps in the kitchen so that you can join in the organic waste collection year-round.


  • Put the base on a flat surface.
  • Set the cone on the base and press down to fasten the two parts together.

You can put the cone on a counter or in a cupboard. You can also mount it on the inside of a door (hanging bracket and screws are included).

How to use the cone

  • Use a folded 3-sheet section (12 numbered pages) of a newspaper or large flyer.
  • Insert the section in the cone with the fold at the bottom.
  • Open the section near the middle to line the cone.
  • Put the lid on the cone.
  • Put your food scraps in the cone every day.
  • When the cone is full, remove the paper bundle and put it in the organic waste bin outside.

Newspapers and flyers can be composted!



The cone is available for free at the multiservice counter at City Hall, 451 Saint-Jean Boulevard. MULTI Card required.