Snow removal

The time required to clear snow and spread abrasives on streets and sidewalks depends on weather conditions. The City does everything necessary to ensure that both drivers and pedestrians can get around safely. To optimize snow removal operations on roads and sidewalks, please limit the time your vehicle is parked on the street. Thank you for your cooperation.

Snow removal by the City

Snow removal operations start when there is an average snowfall of approximately five centimetres and are carried out in two stages.


1. Snow clearing

Clearing of streets and sidewalks begins on major streets and streets close to schools and hospitals, and then continues on secondary streets. These steps are repeated if snow continues to fall.

While the streets and sidewalks are being cleared, snow may accumulate at the edge of private driveways. Residents are responsible for removing this snow.

2. Snow removal

This stage begins when snow has stopped falling and streets and sidewalks have been cleared. Snow may be blown onto lots or along curbs, or may be taken to a snow dump. The length of this operation depends on the amount of the snowfall.

Multi-purpose paths

Pointe-Claire’s multi-purpose paths are designed for three-season use.

First, the surface is not designed to accommodate snow clearing machinery. Also, there is no system in place to provide adequate water drainage. If the paths were cleared, the snow on either side would create dams where large amounts of water would pool on mild days, creating large patches of ice in sub-zero temperatures.

For the safety of users and the durability of the paths, they are only cleared on the portions where there are no sidewalks. Most of the trails that are not cleared in winter have a sidewalk nearby.

Overnight street parking

Snow Info line system

Visit the City’s website or call the Snow Info line 514-630-1205 every day after 5 p.m. to know whether or not on-street parking is permitted between midnight and 7 a.m. that evening. This information is updated daily, depending on weather conditions and snow removal operations in progress throughout the territory.

Please note that, according to the regulations, street parking is prohibited during the winter period. However, the Snow Info line system allows you to check whether this is exceptionally authorized. To find out whether or not parking is permitted, call the Snow Info line at 514-630-1205 or visit this Web page every day after 5 p.m.

Note that the no parking instructions are in effect even after City vehicles have cleared your street. There are several steps to snow and ice removal operations: snow removal, spreading of abrasives, etc. Depending on weather forecasts, snow removal crews may have to pass several times. Therefore, it is important that the streets be kept free the entire night and the following day.

If parking is authorized, it’s important to respect the signage in place. Overnight parking is only permitted in areas where it is already possible to park from November 15 to April 15. Verify the road signage and be sure to park your vehicle where its permitted.

Ligne Info-neige 514-630-1205
Snow Info Web page

Overnight street parking is prohibited between midnight and 7 a.m., from November 15 to April 15. If you need to park on the street during these hours, contact the Inspection − Public Security Department at 514-630-1234. Weather permitting, a 24-hour temporary permit may be issued. A maximum of three permits a year may be issued per vehicle.

Parking is allowed in the daytime on only one side of the street during this period.

To optimize snow removal operations on roads and sidewalks, please limit the time your vehicle is parked on the street. Thank you for your cooperation!-

Snow removal rules

When you remove snow from your driveway, you must put it on your property. The following are violations of the City by-law:

  • Piling snow in such a manner as to obstruct the visibility of drivers, whether on public or private property;
  • Throwing snow within 1.5 m of a fire hydrant;
  • Throwing snow onto public property or onto the public right-of-way.

Snow removal signs are authorized from October 16 to April 14.

Please note that if there is a discrepancy between the explanations above and any City by-law, the wording of the by-law will prevail.


Recreational vehicle parking

Parking a recreational vehicle is now permitted in the front yard of private properties from April 15 to November 15. The vehicle must be parked in a paved space. This change applies for singlefamily homes and residential buildings with two to four dwellings. The vehicle must belong to the occupant of the dwelling.

Parking in driveways

No vehicle should be parked on a driveway within 60 centimetres of the street.



For more information about snow removal, contact Public Works at 514-630-1230 or