Snow removal

The by-law on street parking in winter is in force from November 15 to April 15 inclusive, and it applies throughout Pointe-Claire. During this period, street parking is prohibited between midnight and 7 a.m.

Overnight street parking

During the winter, if you need to park on the street between midnight and 7 a.m., please call Public Security at 514-630-1234 and a 24-hour temporary permit may be issued (weather permitting). A maximum of three temporary permits may be issued for a vehicle during the season.


Parking in driveways

No vehicle should be parked on a driveway within 60 centimetres of the street.


A few rules to follow

When clearing your parking space, you must put the snow on your own property. The following actions are by-law violations:

  • To put snow on a municipal property;
  • To collect snow in such a manner as to obstruct the visibility of motorists, whether on public or private property;
  • To throw snow within 1.5 metres of a fire hydrant;
  • To throw snow onto public property or onto a public thoroughfare.

Please note that if there is a discrepancy between the explanations above and any City by-law, the wording of the by-law will prevail.


Snow removal by the City

The time required to remove snow and spread abrasive on streets and sidewalks will vary according to weather conditions. In all cases, the City does whatever is needed to ensure that both drivers and pedestrians can move around in safety.

Depending on conditions, snow clearance operations will begin when there is an average accumulation of about five centimetres. There are two phases to the operations.

Snow clearance

Clearing of streets and sidewalks begins on major thoroughfares and in areas close to schools and hospitals, and continues on side streets. Clearing may be repeated depending on amount and duration of snowfall.

Snow removal

Snow removal starts once snow has stopped falling and streets and sidewalks have been cleared. clearance of streets and sidewalks has been completed. Snow may be blown onto streetside lots or along the curb, or removed to a snow disposal site. The time required to complete this operation will depend on the amount of snow that has fallen.



For more information about snow removal, contact Public Works at 514-630-1230 or