In Pointe-Claire, dogs are a proud part of many families. It is important that dog owners comply with City by-laws concerning their pets.


Dogs and their masters: good habits

All dog owners must:

  • register their dog and ensure that it wears the required tag;
  • keep their dog on a leash no more than six feet in length whenever the dog is not inside a building, an adequately fenced-in lot or a dog run;
  • pick up their dog’s excrement and dispose of it in a hygienic manner;
  • make sure their dog does not disturb the peace by barking;
  • repair, within a reasonable time period, any damage caused by their dog.

For the complete by-laws concerning dogs and dog runs, visit the By-laws page.


The electronic version of by-laws or their office consolidations are provided for information purposes only, in order to ensure that the by-laws in force throughout Pointe-Claire are known. A by-law may be modified, abolished or replaced at any time by City Council. Only certified true copies have official status, and if there is any discrepancy between a document published on the website and the original recorded in the City’s by-law book under the City Clerk’s custodianship, the latter shall prevail. The City disclaims all liability as to the use or interpretation of published by-laws.

Mandatory licence

Dog licences are mandatory. If you do not already have one, here is how to get it:

  • Go to the City Hall tax counter, at 451 Saint-Jean Boulevard.
  • Pay the fee for a new licence (cash, cheque, credit or debit), in the amount indicated by tax counter staff, and immediately receive your dog licence.

Licences are automatically renewed in May of each year. You will receive a bill in the mail in April. If you no longer need a dog licence, please notify us by calling 514-630-1300, extension 1829.


The annual fee is $25. A $5 fee is charged to replace a lost tag.

No fee is required for guide dogs, upon presentation of proof.


Dog runs

Dog runs are places where dog owners can let their animals run freely without being in breach of City by-laws. There are dog runs at the following locations:

  • 20 Ovide Avenue (Ovide Park)
  • 100 Terra-Cotta Avenue
  • Du Bord-du-Lac – Lakeshore Road (between Broadview Avenue et de la Baie-de-Valois Avenue)



Information: 514-630-1300, extension 1829,