Online requests

Report a non-urgent situation online! You can send a new request or track a request you have already submitted.

You can do the following online:

  • Notify the City of a defective street lamp or damaged urban furniture
  • Fill out a grant application
  • Report a pothole
  • File a permit application

To send a new request, click here.

To report a recycling or organic waste bin to be repaired or replaced, click here.

To track a request or permit that you have already submitted, click here.

Permit applications

The following permit and certificate applications can be made online:

  • Felling trees
  • Building an extension
  • Constructing a new building
  • Installing a fence
  • Installing a mechanical device
  • Installing a pool or hot tub
  • Performing indoor or outdoor renovations
  • Replacing or repairing private services
  • Installing a propane container
  • Installing or renovating a driveway or performing landscaping work
  • Performing earthwork (levelling)

To fill out a permit application, click here.