Planning Program and by-laws

The Planning Program outlines the City's major land use planning and development orientations. It was developed by the Planning Department in accordance with the Act Respecting Land Use Planning and Development.

New Planning Program

The City has initiated the revision the Urban Planning Program.

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New Planning Program 2022-2024

New Planning Program

A first draft of the new Planning Program was adopted during the regular meeting on February 8, 2022. It is the first step in developing Pointe-Claire’s future with the community.It offers a vision and preliminary directions that will foster the discussions, workshops and public consultations over the next two years. The various stages leading up to the adoption of the new Planning Program and updated municipal by-laws will continue until summer 2024.To consult the draft Planning Program, click here. During the regular meeting on May 3, City Council adopted an Interim Control By-Law having the effect of freezing and allowing to govern or restrict the development of certain city sectors while reflecting on land use planning.To view the Interim Control By-Law (amended on September 6, 2022), click here.

Planning Program

The Planning Program offers a vision of Pointe-Claire for the next ten years.

It provides a portrait of:

  • the City’s current state of development, and its population;
  • major land-use orientations for the territory;
  • main issues and goals for the next ten years;
  • sectors undergoing more detailed planning, such as:

The Planning Program gives citizens, elected representatives and the administration specific directions to guide future actions in Pointe-Claire territory. Applying the program involves follow-up studies, City investments and amendments to existing by-laws.


Download the complete Planning Program.



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