Revitalization of the Valois village

A Special Planning Program (SPP) defines a vision for the revitalization of economic and social activities in a given area. Input from residents, merchants and community organizations is sought to develop a lasting plan.

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Valois Village

A new project was launched in 2016 in an effort to strengthen Valois Village’s image as a welcoming, accessible and safe living environment, while enhancing its appeal as a commercial destination in the area.

The City teamed up with Convercité, an agency that specializes in public participation and commercial revitalization, to diagnose the village’s strengths, weaknesses, limitations and opportunities for improvement and identify key urban planning and development issues.

The first phase sought input from citizens, business owners and community organizations. This diagnosis led to the development of a Special Planning Program (SPP).

In the second phase of the project, the City partnered with BC2, a firm specializing in urban planning and development, to draft the SPP. It was presented to the community at a public consultation session in February 2017, adopted by City Council in May, and brought into force in September of that year. The City immediately began its implementation.

Special Planning Program for Valois Village


Completed or ongoing projects include:

  • a study of traffic at the intersection of Chester and Donegani
  • a study of parking in the area
  • a review of planning by-laws
  • a master plan for landscaping and design concepts in public spaces



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