Rain Barrel

Rain barrels allow you to reduce your drinking water consumption.


  • Determine which downspout you will use.
  • Assemble the barrel. This includes installing the spigot and overfl ow hose.
  • Prepare the area where you will place the barrel.
  • Place the barrel under the downspout.
  • Aim the elbow of the downspout at the opening in the cover of the rain barrel.


  • You will have your own water source during droughts or watering restriction periods.
  • You will help reduce pollution by runoff water.
  • You will reduce drinking water production and waste water treatment costs.
  • You will have untreated water to wash your cars and water your lawn.
  • You can reduce your water bill.


The barrel is available at the multiservice counter at City Hall, 451 Saint-Jean Boulevard, for $41. MULTI Card required.

Each residence can have a maximum of three barrels.