Special events and car washes

Inspection – Public Security is responsible for issuing many permits.

Special events

A permit is required from Inspection – Public Security to hold special events.

The development of our event offering is based on 4 fundamental principles:

  •  Consolidate Pointe-Claire’s event offering
  •  Promote the economic development of the City’s various sectors
  • Harmonize and standardize the support offered to the various players in the industry
  • Ensure that events held on the territory are safe for the public and participants.

An event is an activity organized by a recognized or unrecognized association, a group of individuals or a partner organization:

  • Sports, Cultural, Community, Humanitarian, Commercial

Good to know:

An event organized on private property and containing certain particularities may require an exemption from a municipal by-law. Processing times would then be longer.

1. When is it not necessary to apply for an event permit?

If you want to organize a garage sale at your home.
If you own a business and wish to operate a commercial terrace or seasonal business, you must apply with the Urban Planning Department.
If you are going to be entertaining several guests in your home for a special occasion, and there will be music playing, etc. You will be required to cease the noise between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., and we suggest that you notify your neighbors beforehand. Nuisance and urban planning regulations apply.
If you want to hold a gathering in a park, either with your neighbors, friends or family, or to celebrate a birthday, the city does not make reservations for groups on public property. You can rent rooms with the recreation department for this type of gathering.
Request for distribution of advertising material and peddlers.

2. Eligibility to submit a request

Submit all the documents listed in the “Documents required to submit an event application” section.

  • Demonstrate that the organization is one of the eligible groups listed in the appended legal status glossary
  • Submit a complete application in good time before the planned date of the event, by filling out the special event application form
  • Read and accept the conditions and documentation required for approval to issue a permit.

Not eligible:
Private/commercial events in a public place. (*Exception – City of Pointe-Claire rental policy)

3. Timeline

All requests for the organization of an event must be submitted using this form at least 30 days prior to the date set by the event promoter or organizer, or 45 days in advance, if the event :

  • will accommodate more than 200 people
  • requires a permit from the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux du Québec (RACJ)
  • requires a permit from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ)
  • requires street closure
  • requires a police escort,

The City may reserve a maximum of 10 working days to analyze each application submitted to it, once it has been deemed complete.
The applicant must carefully read the description of the categories of events proposed by the City. When submitting your application, you must clearly indicate the type of event, according to the categories highlighted on the form, and in the case of a competitive event, specify the level (regional, provincial, etc.). The form must also specify the theme of the event, if applicable.
The application must be complete before it can be forwarded to the department responsible for processing your request.

4. Required documents to enclose with the event submission form

  • Letter of authorization from the Registre des entreprises du Québec (REQ) or authorization from the Board of Directors (BOD)
  • Letter of authorization from the owner, if the event is to be held on private property
  • Site plan (must include tent, bleachers, etc. if applicable)
  • Detailed description of event including: Target date(s) for holding the event, identified site(s), programming, target clientele, anticipated attendance (projection), whether food or alcohol will be sold, etc.– Proposed communication plan
  • Any other relevant documents (emergency measures plan, request for logistical and financial support, material resources plan, human resources plan, etc.)*
  • Previous year’s financial statements, agreement with partners if fundraising (if any)*

5. Project Assessment Criteria

  • Promoter/organization :
    – History of the event
    – Past achievements of the promoter
  • Target date for the event, based on the annual calendar
  • Site identified for the event
  • Potential outreach and visibility of the event
  • Distinctive elements of the event
  • Originality and quality of programming
  • Safety parameters involved in planning and organizing the event
  • Application is detailed and complete

The organizer is aware that holding the event is conditional on the outcome of the application assessment. Depending on the type of event, the organizer will be required to submit documents such as: a detailed budget for the event; the composition of the Board of Directors; authorization from the SIM (Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal), a permit from the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux du Québec (RACJ), proof of insurance, authorization from MAPAQ and, in some cases, authorization from RBQ.

Car washes

Steps to apply:

To apply, you must be a non-profit organization, a charitable organization or be part of a school board (school service centre) operating and/or established in the territory of Pointe-Claire.

The only sector allowing use of the Pointe-Claire sewer and aqueduct network for this type of request is the parking lot of the Complexe Pointe-Claire shopping centre (6301–6381, Autoroute Félix-Leclerc).

In order to apply for a permit, you must first contact the administration of the shopping centre to schedule your car wash: https://www.westcliff.ca/en/14-shopping-center-complexe-pointe-claire.html.

Apply by completing the online form at least 30 days before the date of the event. Please fill in all sections and attach the required documents:

  • Demonstrate that the organization is one of the eligible groups
  • Authorization from the Complexe Pointe-Claire shopping centre for the requested date(s)
  • Proof of insurance

*Only duly completed applications will be studied.

The applicant must provide their own garden hose, soap, cleaning products, and any other accessories for the car wash.

We will issue and send the permit to the applicant by e-mail.

Fill out your request for authorization to hold a car wash.



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