Commemorative benches

With this program, you can have a plaque installed on a public bench in the City in memory of a person.

Eligibility criteria are below:

  • The person you wish to commemorate must have been a Pointe-Claire resident.
  • One plaque is authorized per bench.
  • A person can make only one request per year.
  • You may be able to choose where the plaque will be installed.

The commemorative period is 25 years. You can also collect the commemorative plaque three months before the end of this period.

The cost for this request in 2024 is $895* plus tax and includes producing, installing, and maintaining the plaque for 25 years. A fee of $560* plus tax will be charged for an additional 25-year period.

The City can provide this service and engrave an inscription up to 350 characters in length on a 6” by 4.5” (15.24 cm by 11,43 cm) stainless steel plaque.

To participate:

* These rates are revised annually.


Public Works: 514-630-1230 or