Traffic committee

The mission of the Traffic Committee is to provide recommendations for practical improvements to citizens’ quality of life.

The committee is made up of representatives of the City’s departments, members of City Council and SPVM officers. The Traffic Committee seeks to:

  •  ensure citizens’ safety and providing them with quality services;
  •  ensure and maintaining peace and quiet in the various districts of the city;
  •  encourage active mobility and alternative modes of transportation;
  •  establish cooperation between citizens and municipal departments;
  •  ensure efficient and safe management of traffic and movements across the territory;
  • establish consistency and standards for traffic operations, signage, parking and road safety; and
  •  establish and ensure reliable, realistic and adapted signage concepts.

The average time required to process a request is approximately three months, and there are five steps involved. This time may vary based on the specific details of the request or case, the implications and weather conditions.


  1. Receipt of the request, opening of the request and acknowledgement of receipt
  2. Analysis and study of the request, presentation of the results to the Traffic Committee
  3. Decision, recommendation and approval by City Council
  4. Communication (applicant, councillor, etc.)
  5. Completion, implementation and follow up (if required)

To submit a request or complaint to the Traffic committee, complete the form below.

  • Max. file size: 100 MB.


Inspection – Public Security


399 Saint-Jean Boulevard
Pointe-Claire, Québec, H9R 3J2
514-630-1234 (24 hours)
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