Strategic Plan 2023-2030

The City of Pointe-Claire’s 2023 – 2030 Strategic Plan is our shared vision for the future of our city and our community.  

This plan will guide the City’s present and future actions, as well as contribute to the development of our community in a responsible manner. It is important to preserve Pointe-Claire’s unique character and, above all, the quality of its living environment. This plan is an essential tool for the sound management of our City. It defines priorities, establishes objectives, and guides the administration in all its actions.  

Major orientations  

The 2023-2030 Strategic Plan is comprised of 4 strategic areas, 11 objectives and 37 actions. It will provide a framework for our future achievements, plans, projects, and policies, and will incorporate indicators to ensure that it’s adequately implemented and that we follow through on our commitments.    

Axis 1 – A supportive, community-oriented, caring, and welcoming city  

The City wishes to pursue and improve its actions to offer its population an inclusive, respectful, safe, and supportive environment. Whether by increasing the supply of affordable and accessible housing, diversifying its cultural and social activities, or improving active mobility, Pointe-Claire is committed to drawing inspiration from common best practices to create a city on a more human scale! 

Axis 2 – Innovation, collaboration, and creativity  

Pointe-Claire aims to increase the attractiveness, innovation, and prosperity of its territory, while promoting the influence of its community and its actions. Given the many challenges it faces, such as redeveloping its territory and adapting to climate change, Pointe-Claire wants its decisions and actions, which undergo public consultation with the community and local players, to contribute to profound and lasting transformations. 

Axis 3 – Ecological transition and resilience  

Aligned with community expectations, the City of Pointe-Claire is committed to accelerating the ecological transition on its territory through concrete actions. These initiatives will foster adaptation to climate change and limit its repercussions, reduce GHGs and increase urban resilience, notably through the implementation of solutions derived from nature and science. Pointe-Claire believes it will be possible to achieve these objectives by working together to reduce our ecological footprint, and by striving for collective well-being. 

Axis 4 – Democracy, governance, and citizen participation  

The City is committed to building and developing an organizational culture that is transparent, collaborative and responsive to its population. Pointe-Claire wishes to facilitate, stimulate, and increase opportunities for the community to express itself and contribute to urban solutions, while respecting the City’s human and financial capacities. Pointe-Claire wishes to increase opportunities for collaboration with citizens, as well as with academic, cultural, institutional and government circles, to respond effectively to environmental, social and economic issues. 

Consult the 2023 – 2030 Strategic Plan of the City of Pointe-Claire


After an initial strategic planning exercise in 2015, the City of Pointe-Claire had to embark on a new, collective, and inclusive process of reflection to better respond to the community’s expectations and the many socio-ecological and economic challenges facing its territory. 

Launched in April 2022, the process of adopting a new strategic plan has breathed new life, optimism, and realism into this essential tool for the well-being of our community and the sound management of our city. During this process, over 700 citizens, 250 members of the municipal administration and all elected officials expressed their vision and concerns for Pointe-Claire.