Revegetation of Riparian Strips

In an ever-increasing concern for the protection of the environment and to comply with the Quebec government's Environment Quality Act (EQA), the City of Pointe-Claire has been enforcing the rules surrounding the ecological restoration of riverbanks since the beginning of summer 2023.

Riparian buffer planting consists of planting native plant species along the shoreline to create a transition zone that contributes to the protection and quality of the body of water. This eco-responsible approach, which has become essential, will prompt further changes in the maintenance of all public land along the watercourse. For instance, grass will not be cut ten metres from the water’s edge. However, where benches are located close to the water’s edge, the landscaping will allow access to them and a view of the water.

What are the environmental benefits of this vegetation belt?

  • Stabilizes the banks to prevent soil erosion ;
  • Limits the warming of the water by creating a sunscreen ;
  • Uses vegetation as a filter against pollutants ;
  • Conserves biodiversity by providing habitats, food and shelter for wildlife ;
  • Decreases the presence of pests on the banks ;
  • Slows down the aging process of lakes and rivers ;
  • Acts as a natural shelter to protect crops and homes.