Competitive program – Canoe Kayak

This program is designed to give athletes a chance to compete in the sport of sprint canoe kayak at local, provincial, national, and international competitions.

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Programming for children

During the peak season, most athletes train twice a day, five days a week, and compete in regattas on a weekly basis.

Athletes age 12 and older must have completed a recreational (day camp) program in order to register and are expected to participate in at least two regattas throughout the competitive season, as well as the provincial championships.

Athletes will be divided into groups on the basis of their skill level, discipline, gender, and commitment (attendance, motivation, attitude, and objectives).


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Racing+ (selected athletes)

A modified schedule may be offered to some athletes to include additional training, including training at the Olympic Basin. This group of athletes will have the opportunity to participate in provincial and national events and championships (provincial regatta, Canada Cup, U16+, etc.). Athletes will be chosen from among those registered for spring, summer, and fall sessions.

Elite (selected athletes)

Elite groups are athletes who aim to compete at national team trials, as well as national and international competitions.


This program is designed for both novice and experienced paddlers. As a Master, you will have the opportunity to compete at regattas such as the Provincial Sprint and Long Distance Championships and CanMas.

Programmaing to follow.

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For more information about day camps, programs, group activities or nautical equipment rentals, contact the Canoe Kayak Club at 514-630-1256, or make an online request.