Have you been injured in an accident or has your property been damaged? Do you believe the City is responsible? If so, you can submit a claim.


How to submit your claim

For all claims, you must fill out and send the form available on the City’s website to the Legal Affairs Department and City Clerk’s Office ( within 15 calendar days of the incident.

The form is also available at City Hall.

Legal Affairs Department and City Clerk’s Office
City of Pointe-Claire
451 Saint-Jean Boulevard
Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 3J3

Your notice must include the following information:

  • Date of the event
  • Details of the event
  • Your contact information
  • Any other document(s) relevant to the claim

At this stage, you do not need to specify the amount of your claim. You can send your form by email at or by mail. You should send the notice by certified or registered mail, to ensure delivery. If the City does not receive your notice, it will not be required to pay any kind of financial compensation, regardless of what the law may stipulate.


Bodily injury

In the case of an accident resulting in bodily injury, you are not legally required to submit a Notice of Claim to the City. However, you may still submit a notice so that your claim can be processed more quickly.

No claim for property damage will be admissible in court unless it is brought within six months of the date of the accident. In the case of bodily injury, the time established by law is three years.


In certain situations, the law provides that the City is not responsible for damages; for example, those caused:

  • by a sewer backup, in the absence of a check valve in good working order;
  • by a fall on a sidewalk due to snow or ice if there is no negligence on the part of the City. Weather conditions are a determining factor;
  • by objects on public roads;
  • to tires or the suspension of a vehicle due to street conditions;
  • by a collision involving a City vehicle. In such a case, motorists must contact their insurance company.

Independent contractors are hired regularly by the City (e.g., for road maintenance, snow removal operations, and so on).

Should your property be damaged as a result of these operations, the Legal Affairs Department and City Clerk’s Office will forward your claim to the contractor for processing.

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For more information about claims, contact the Legal Affairs Department and City Clerk’s Office at 514-630-1228,