Waste collection guide and calendar

Different types of waste are collected in different ways based on their nature, for recycling or more effective disposal. Some are collected from homes while others must be taken to designated sites.

The new 2023-2024 Waste Collection calendar is now available.

See the Waste Collection Guide and the 2023-2024 calendar for sector A and sector B.


Sectors map

Permanent collection points

To find out about all the permanent collection points, please consult the page Permanent collection points.

Special collection

For a fee, the Public Works Department offers a special pickup service for your construction materials (wood, brick, drywall, etc.), excavation materials (earth, sand, stones, rocks, asphalt, and cement) and residential renovation materials (except those from multifamily dwellings).

For more information or an estimate, call Public Works at 514-630-1230.



514-630-1230, tp@pointe-claire.ca