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Expected Delays for Collection of Household Waste, Recyclables and Organic Materials

The City of Pointe-Claire would like to inform you that the collection of household waste, organic materials and recyclables may be subject to delays beyond the City’s control. Labour issues affect all waste management companies, and this affects the company serving the Pointe-Claire territory as well. Our contractor is trying to mitigate these delays through various efforts such as hiring and training employees and mobilizing the available workforce, but circumstances are such that delays are unavoidable at this time. Mechanical breakdowns can also disrupt collections.

Please note that the City will continue to post messages on its website and social media accounts when such situations arise. From now on, we also invite residents to consult the box on the Waste Collection Guide and Calendar, which will tell you which collection(s) and which sector(s) of the City are affected.

If your household waste or organic waste has not been collected during the usual periods and your sector has been identified in the City’s messages, please leave your bins at the curb. In most cases, the supplier will continue the collection the following day, to ensure that all sectors have been collected, but delays are to be expected.

Collections likely to be affected by delays:

  • Monday’s weekly organics collection
  •  Monday’s weekly recyclables collection
  • Tuesday’s bi-weekly household waste collection

This notice is in effect unless otherwise indicated. Citizens will be informed of any changes.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.