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Youth Council: Twelve young citizens propose projects based on the planning program

At a special session held in the Council Chamber at City Hall on Monday, April 15, Pointe-Claire Mayor Tim Thomas and the City Council members recognized the commitment of the twelve young people who took part in the Youth Council by presenting three creative projects for their city.

Like the City Council, students from Clearpoint Elementary took their seats as mayor, councillors, general manager and planner, and city clerk. The young people presented their perspectives on subjects that affect them directly, with a particular focus on the City’s development vision as proposed by the current planning review exercise.

“Mr. Mayor, ladies and gentlemen, congratulations on your projects, which were all extremely interesting. I’m delighted to see your interest in municipal life. You’ve done an excellent job, and I hope you’re proud of yourselves. I’d like to applaud you on behalf of myself and all the members of the City Council,” emphasized Mayor Thomas.

The young people discussed and adopted the following projects:

  1. Develop larger green spaces in Pointe-Claire to provide a green environment for all citizens. Establishing vertical forests, such as green spaces on the roof of a building, would provide insulation, reduce heating costs for the building and increase oxygen for the environment.
  2. Offer a healthier, more accessible living environment through unique infrastructures and sports activities! By making sidewalks and buildings wheelchair-accessible, the City would have the opportunity to organize free activities for all ages and abilities. This initiative would enable us to serve a wider range of the population.
  3. Make Pointe-Claire a welcoming city by developing strategies and activities to showcase local businesses and the culture of the various local communities.

“Each year, the City of Pointe-Claire recruits and welcomes local elementary school students, with the aim of giving them an enriching experience and an opportunity to express their ideas about the City’s future.” said Mayor Thomas.

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