Info-Smog is a Government of Canada program that provides real-time air quality conditions and forecasts, indicating whether it is good, acceptable or poor. A smog warning is issued when the forecasted air quality is poor for each area concerned.

Air quality today

Smog warning

Smog, observable in the form of haze, reflects poor air quality.

The purpose of the smog alert is to inform those at risk so that they can take steps to reduce the adverse effects of smog, and to educate the public on what to do to reduce the emissions of pollutants that cause smog.

In summer, smog is formed mainly on very hot sunny days and is made up of fine particles and ozone. Motor vehicles and factories are the main sources of pollutants.

In winter, it is caused by a high concentration of fine particles, the main source of which is wood heating, followed by factories and transportation.

Improving air quality

Here are some key actions to take to improve air quality and help control the formation of smog:

  • Opt for carpooling, active transport or public transit
  • Avoid leaving the car engine running unnecessarily
  • Obey speed limits
  • Limit the use of wood-burning appliances


The agglomeration of Montréal (link only available in French) is responsible for air quality throughout the entire island of Montréal.

In Pointe-Claire, the construction by-law was amended in December 2016 to prohibit the installation or construction of any secondary heating system or fireplace using solid fuel, unless it subject to a manufacturer’s certification confirming that it does not emit more than 2.5 grams per hour of fine particles into the atmosphere.

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