Youth Advisory Board

The Youth Advisory Board is composed of 10 young people aged 14 to 21, who are bilingual, residents of Pointe-Claire and involved in the community and municipal life.

The Youth Advisory Board members will participate in seven meetings during year to examine projects and make recommendations to City Council. They will contribute to enhancing activities, facilities and public services to better meet their needs and those of the community. They will also be asked to represent the City of Pointe-Claire at events and activities.

Your 2023-2024 Youth Advisory Board!

The 2023-2024 Youth Advisory Board (starting from the top row, left to right): Christina Koikaran, Alexandre Gariépy, Nathan Thomas, Olivia Ginnetti, Daniel Royal, Julia Hees, Anshini Pyneeandee, Anastasia Sabapathy, Albi Çullhaj, Sarah Wu.

For the Youth Advisory Committee by-law, please consult the municipal by-laws page.

Call for candidates

You’d like to become involved with your city? You want to get involved in your community? Join the Youth Advisory Board of the City of Pointe-Claire!

The City is currently seeking dynamic and committed candidates wishing to volunteer and sit on the Youth Advisory Board until August 2024.

Frequency: Candidates must be available to attend a minimum of one meeting per month, on Wednesday evenings.

Young Pointe-Claire residents wishing to get involved in their community have until Sunday, January 28, 4 p.m. to submit their application. Candidates will be evaluated based on criteria such as community involvement.

Submit your application



The Youth Advisory Board is active on Instagram to share their projects and ideas with young Pointe-Claire residents, and so that they can follow the issues important to them.

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Moderation, questions and comments

To ensure followers have access to a constructive, respectful and open forum for dialogue, the YAB moderates all comments shared on its page. Comments made by users are theirs alone and are in no way endorsed by the Youth Advisory Board.

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Official languages

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The YAB reserves the right to modify this policy without prior notice.