Souk d’érable: Solstice Métis

  • On December 8, 2022 at 3:00PM
  • Baie-de-Valois nautical Centre Find address
  • Réservation requise

A spoonful of jazz, a cup of gypsy, a pinch of the Middle East, rhythms full of sunshine. The Souk d’érable recipe is based on four talented and inventive musicians who lead the audience from winks to surprises, recapturing the spirit of the holiday season with great originality. Souk d’érable is mixed, it’s spicy, it swings, it’s Christmas like you’ve never heard it before!

Jean Félix Mailloux, vocals, double bass; Ingried Boussaroque, vocals, chalémie, recorder, kantele; Bertil Schulrabe, vocals, percussion; Dominique Soulard, vocals, flamenco guitar