Automated Call System

The City uses an automated emergency call service to broadcast alerts and send you general advisories.
A trial call will be placed on Thursday, May 7, 2020, starting at 6 p.m.

Stay informed by signing up for the automated call system

The database contains all listed landline telephone numbers located within the City of Pointe-Claire as of November 2019.

If your number is unlisted, if you have only a cell phone, or if you moved to Pointe-Claire after November 2019, you can sign up for CodeRED by filling out the form.
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 What happens if I fail to answer a call?

  • If you have voicemail, the system will leave a message.
  • If you do not have voicemail, the system will call you back at least three times within 15 minutes.

Can I listen to an advisory a second time?

When you receive a call, the number 866-419-5000 will be displayed. To hear the most recent advisory, dial this number from the same telephone.


514 630-1200