Major construction sites in 2024

This year, the City of Pointe-Claire is once again keeping up the pace of reconstruction and maintenance work on its municipal infrastructure. By investing a total of $19M, it guarantees that streets, sidewalks, public grounds, and municipal buildings will be in good condition for many years to come, thereby guaranteeing the quality of life and services offered to the citizens of Pointe-Claire.
Pre-project home inspection form to permit service reconstruction work
Please complete the form and return it before the date indicated in the letter, by e-mail to, in person to Pointe-Claire City Hall, or by mail to:
Engineering Department
451 Saint-Jean Boulevard
Pointe-Claire, Québec H9R 3J3

Sundale Avenue: rehabilitation of Sundale Avenue

Sundale Avenue, between Duke-of-Kent Avenue and Douglas-Shand Avenue
April to September 2024

  • Replacement of existing water and sanitary sewer lines, residential services, and lighting
  • Addition of a storm sewer system
  • Backfilling ditches and adding off-road catch basins when required
  • Removal of secondary drainage under car ramps
  • Reconstruction of the roadway with curbs on both sides of the roadway
  • Site restoration and road markings

Presentation of the public information session on April 17.

Rehabilitation of the Village lawn bowling green

At the Village lawn bowling green
May to August 2024

  • Replacing the outside borders of the lawn bowling green
  • Reconstruction of pathways, tree well and staircase leading to the basement
  • Relocation of shed and sand enclosure

Northview Park: resurfacing of tennis and pickleball courts

Northview Park
May to September

  • Demolition and complete reconstruction of the tennis and pickleball courts
  • Improvement of drainage system
  • Replacement of fencing and sports equipment
  • Landscaping and repair of grass surfaces

Monterrey and Millhaven avenue: reconstruction of Monterrey and Millhaven avenue

Monterrey and Millhaven avenue
May to September 2024

  • Replacement of water main and sanitary sewer, and addition of a storm sewer
  • Replacement of existing service connections
  • Rebuilding of the roadway
  • Construction of gutters
  • Site restoration, including car ramp repairs, sodding and landscaping

Presentation of the public information session on April 23.

Belmont (Sunnyside) Park: trail drainage

Belmont (Sunnyside) Park
August to September 2024

  • Creation of a bioswale
  • Rehabilitation of existing asphalt pathway
  • Excavation and drainage
  • Grassing and planting

Presentation of the public information session on May 22.

Winthrop Avenue: reconstruction of Winthrop Avenue with the addition of a bike path

Winthrop Avenue, between Hymus Boulevard and Jubilee Square Avenue
June to August 2024

  • Replace water main and sanitary sewer
  • Addition of a storm sewer
  • Reconstruction of the roadway
  • Installation of pedestrian and bicycle lights
  • Replacement of lighting
  • Addition of a bicycle path

Presentation of the public information session on June 5.

Belmont Avenue: resurfacing and construction of sidewalks

Belmont Avenue, between Coolbreeze and Saddlewood avenue
June to September 2024

  • Pavement rehabilitation solely on Belmont Avenue between Saddlewood and Coolbreeze avenue
  • Addition of catch basins
  • Construction of a new sidewalk on north side of Belmont Avenue
  • Rebuilding the sidewalk curb on the south side
  • Replacement of streetlamps and luminaires with LED lighting
  • Site restoration, including car ramp repairs, sodding and landscaping

Rehabilitation and upgrading of play modules in various parks

Lansdowne Gardens Park (zone for children aged 5 to 12)
Cedar Park Heights Park
Kinsmen Park
August to October 2024

  • Replacement of some playground equipment
  • Installation of accessible, standard-compliant play areas
  • Landscaping and repair of grass surfaces

Arthur-E.-Séguin Park: rehabilitation of service connections at the Arthur-E.-Séguin Park chalet

Arthur-E.-Séguin Park
September to mid-October 2024

  • Replacement of sanitary sewer and drinking water pipes
  • Removal, installation, or replacement of certain sewer manholes
  • Repair of granular foundation
  • Repair pavement and concrete slabs with asphalt
  • Restoration of curbs and sidewalks damaged by construction work
  • Landscaping and repair of grass surfaces

Clearpoint Park: drainage repairs around the tennis court

At Clearpoint Park
Mid-September to mid-October 2024

  • Cleaning and reprofiling of existing ditches outside the tennis court
  • Cleaning or replacing drains on the tennis court
  • Replacement of wooden pedestrian culvert with asphalt
  • Correction of drainage at entrance of truck access
  • Landscaping and repair of grass surfaces

Delmar Avenue: structural rehabilitation of the drinking water line

Work conducted in collaboration with the City of Montréal
Between Hymus Boulevard and Des Canots Avenue
March 25 to May 31, 2024

  • Structural rehabilitation of the drinking water line

Lakeview Avenue and Chemin du Bord-du-Lac – Lakeshore Road: partial reconstruction

Work conducted by the City of Montréal
Lakeside Avenue, between Highway 20 and Bord-du-Lac–Lakeshore Road
Lakeview Avenue, between Bord-du-Lac–Lakeshore Road and Saint-Jean Boulevard.
Bord-du-Lac–Lakeshore Road, between Lakeside and Lakeview Avenue
From October to December 2023, and in 2024

  • Construction and replacement of sewer pipes
  • Reconstruction of sidewalks and roadways
  • Service connections and earthworks

To find out about construction sequences, consult the City of Montreal’s work notice.

Des Sources Interchange: structural repairs

Work carried out by the Ministère des Transports et de la Mobilité durable du Québec (MTQ)
End of 2024

  • Repairs to the off-ramp from Highway 20 eastbound to Des Sources Boulevard
  • Repairs to the on-ramps leading from Des Sources Boulevard to Highway 20 in each direction
  • Repairs to the pedestrian bridge over Highway 20

General Information for Residents about a Construction Site

Are you expecting construction work to commence in your area soon? Do you have any inquiries regarding the procedures to be followed during the construction period? Here are some answers to your questions!

Certificate of Authorization from the Planning Department

Would you like to seize this opportunity to widen your driveway or replace the service entrances from your house to the property line? We encourage you to submit a permit application to the Planning Department via email at or by telephone at 514-630-1206.

Please be aware that the processing time for a complete application with all necessary supporting documents is 30 days.


Are you unsure where to place your collection bin due to construction work in your area? We recommend placing your bins, leaf bags, bulky items, and stuffed items in your driveway, at the curb, after 6 p.m. the day before the scheduled collection. The contractor is responsible for relocating them to the appropriate collection area.


Do you suspect that your property has suffered damage due to the ongoing construction work? Please be aware that any claims must be submitted within 15 days of the incident to the Legal Affairs and Clerk’s Department.

We highly recommend taking time-stamped photos of both the interior and exterior of your home before the start of any work. These photos will serve as crucial evidence to support your claim.

Persons with Reduced Mobility

If you or a member of your household has a mobility impairment or any other condition that might be impacted by the ongoing work, please reach out to the Engineering Department at 514-630-1208 or via email at We will collaborate with the contractor to assist those affected.


If you’re planning to move during the construction period, please contact the Engineering Department at 514-630-1208 or via email at as soon as possible. We’ll work together to coordinate a schedule that accommodates everyone involved.

Watering the Lawn

Due to the construction work, the contractor has laid turf on your property to cover the designated area as outlined by the site supervisor. Following the installation of this lawn, it is now your responsibility to maintain its health and upkeep. Guidance on lawn care will be provided to you through a door hanger after installation.


Engineering Department
514 -630-1208,