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Government programs for energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings

There are many government programs and grants available to owners of residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings to help them switch to equipment that consumes less energy and supports sustainable development.

Programs for residential buildings

  1. Dual-energy conversion grant

Hydro-Québec offers a grant to homes heated by fuel oil to encourage them to switch to a heating system that uses two sources of energy: electricity and another fuel, usually fuel oil. Using fuel can help meet heating needs, especially in extremely cold weather, when electricity consumption is higher across the entire network.

For more information: http://www.hydroquebec.com/residential/customer-space/account-and-billing/understanding-bill/residential-rates/rate-dt.html

  1. High-efficiency equipment grant

Énergir (Gaz Métro) offers grants to homeowners to help them purchase high-efficiency heating equipment and implement energy efficiency measures in their homes, such as installing programmable or smart thermostats.

Eligibility and financial assistance depend on the equipment currently being used.

For more information: https://www.energir.com/en/residential/

Programs for commercial and institutional buildings

  1. High-efficiency equipment grant

Hydro-Québec offers a grant for implementing energy efficiency measures in commercial and institutional buildings.

The program includes a catered component for buildings over 10,000 m² in area that can lead to annual savings of at least 50,000 kWh and a prescriptive component that applies to buildings less than 10,000 m² in area. Financial assistance is determined based on energy savings and eligibility criteria for the building, use, network, and project.

For more information: http://www.hydroquebec.com/business/energy-efficiency/programs/buildings-program/

  1. High-efficiency equipment grant

Énergir (Gaz Métro) offers grants to businesses and institutions to help them purchase equipment with better energy efficiency and to help businesses implement energy efficiency measures. Check the list of equipment and programs in the link below to learn more about available grants.

The amount of the grant depends on the selected project (unit heater, boiler, water heater, efficiency measures, solar air preheating system, etc.)

For more information: https://www.energir.com/en/business/grants/energy-efficiency-programs

Programs for industries

  1. Improved energy consumption grant

Énergir (Gaz Métro) offers major businesses 13 grant programs to help them consume less and better, by implementing efficient technologies. Programs include grants for feasibility studies and implementation of energy efficiency measures, recommissioning mechanical systems in buildings, and implementing solar air preheating technologies.

Grants are available depending on energy consumption and applicable rates.

For more information: https://www.energir.com/en/major-industries/energy-efficiency-programs/energy-efficient-programs/