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Terra-Cotta Natural Park

Revitalization work to protect a special woodland

The City of Pointe-Claire created Terra-Cotta Natural Park to protect wooded ecosystems, while keeping the park accessible to the public for activities with little environmental impact. To preserve this ecologically valuable woodland, biological surveys as well as revitalization and development work will be carried out in the coming years.

Red Trillium © Jean-Sébastien Roy

More than 9 kilometres of the park, totalling 39 hectares, are currently dedicated to hiking trails. Some of these trails are marked, while others are not. The use of the unmarked trails causes soil erosion, limits plant growth and drives wildlife away from the area, sometimes even causing their death.

To preserve and enhance Terra-Cotta Natural Park, close to 3 kilometres of unmarked trails will be closed so that vegetation can be replanted over the next few years.

This work will provide even safer access to trails, in addition to clearly defining their various uses. Everyone is encouraged to stay on marked trails to protect fauna and flora.


For 2016, five areas, representing close to one kilometre of trails, will be closed in order to plant 1175 plants, including 450 shrubs and 725 trees. The selected plantings are native species, meaning that they are natural to this environment.

Red Oak © Nature-Action Québec

Two community activities will be organized to allow everyone to participate in the planting: on Saturday, April 23, as part of Earth Day, and in May as part of an activity for students from the Pointe-Claire elementary school. Awareness and education activities focusing on woodland preservation will also be offered during those two days.

Join us on April 23 to help us protect and add new life to this special woodland!