The Planning Program outlines the City's major land use planning and development orientations. It was developed by the Planning Department in accordance with the Act Respecting Land Use Planning and Development. A Special Planning Program (SPP) defines a vision for the revitalization of economic and social activities in a given area. Input from residents, merchants and community organizations is sought to develop a lasting plan.

Planning Program

The Planning Program offers a vision of Pointe-Claire for the next ten years.

It provides a portrait of:

  • the City’s current state of development, and its population;
  • major land-use orientations for the territory;
  • main issues and goals for the next ten years;
  • sectors undergoing more detailed planning;
  • the state of the City centre and the civic centre.

The Planning Program gives citizens, elected representatives and the administration with specific directions to guide future actions in Pointe-Claire territory. Applying the program involves follow-up studies, City investments and amendments to existing by-laws.


Download the complete Planning Program.

Special Planning Programs

Village Vision


The first stage, which began in the spring of 2013, involved assessing the Village’s strengths, weaknesses, limits and opportunities, and identifying issues to be considered in terms of urban planning.

The diagnosis provides a qualitative and quantitative picture of Village quality of life through analysis of sociodemographic aspects, life environment and economic activity. It is based on existing data, on-site observation and surveys.

The process also included the participation of citizens, business owners and community organizations and involved both municipal departments and the outside expertise of Convercité, an agency specializing in commercial revitalization and participative management.

A public meeting was held in April 2014 to present the report summarizing the Village Diagnosis. The information in the Diagnosis is the basis for the development of a Special Planning Program (SPP).

A specialized firm, L’Atelier Urbain, is currently working in partnership with the Planning Department to develop specific by-laws for the Village that will be consistent with the Diagnosis.

Pointe-Claire citizens, business people and community organizations participated in a public consultation meeting on February 17, 2016 at 7 p.m. at John-Rennie High School.

See the Village of Pointe-Claire Special Planning Program:


Part 1 – Background

Part 2 – Planning and development vision and orientations

Part 3 – Implementation program

Part 4 – Monitoring and action plan


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Valois Village


The project to enhance the Village began in the spring of 2016 with various community consultations: a telephone survey, meetings, discussion groups and two exchange forums. A territorial analysis was also conducted based on observations, land surveys, and analyses of by-laws and statistics.

The proposed directions will be used as a reference for implementing development objectives. The creation of a friendly and vibrant living environment, which is accessible and safe, the development of a visual identity unique to the area and the consolidation of the Village as a local commercial destination are all elements that were discussed with the community during the consultation meetings, and that are now part of the Special Planning Program for Valois Village, which was adopted on May 2, 2017 by the municipal Council.


City Centre

On June 6th, 2017, the City Council adopted a draft version of the Special Planning Program (SPP) for the City Centre, which will eventually form an integral part of the Pointe-Claire Planning Program.

The SPP for the City Centre offers a vision for the development of Pointe-Claire’s central territory for years to come. It will allow the City to guide projects that are likely to emerge in the short term and ensure that vision is achieved.

The City Centre is bounded to the North by Labrosse Avenue, to the East by Selkirk Avenue to the South by Sedgefield Avenue and to the West by Stillview Avenue.

Special Planning Program for Pointe-Claire City Centre


By-laws and permits

For Planning by-laws, see the By-laws page.

For a list of permits issued by the Planning Department, go to Permit Applications.


Grant program

For information on the grant program for low-flush toilets, see the Low-flush toilets page.


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