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Accessibility improvements in four parks

In an effort to make its facilities even more accessible, the City is currently carrying out work on municipal infrastructures, namely installing adapted swings in its parks and improving paths at Stewart Park.

Adapted swings for children with a disability will be installed at Clearpoint, Valois, and David-W.-Beck Parks. The paths leading to these new facilities will also be wheelchair-accessible. The work is in progress and will continue until early October. The parks will remain open while the work is in progress.

The City will also perform work to improve accessibility at Stewart Park, next to the Stewart Hall Cultural Centre. This work will create new accessible paths, make the slope of some paths less steep, and add handrails. The work will take place from early October to early November.

These improvements are part of the objectives in the Municipal Action Plan for the Social and Professional Integration of Persons with a Disability, which considers all aspects related to accessibility in municipal projects.