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COVID-19 – New government measures to slow the spread

In the exceptional circumstances of the current health emergency, here is an update on the recent decisions of public authorities in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

Governments are ordering people to stay home to reduce the spread and save lives. Infection is no longer limited to returning travellers: it is now being spread locally, which means it has reached the general population. If you have to go out, follow the rules of social distancing, wash your hands and limit your travel to the essential.

A mandatory suspension of all business and commercial activities is ordered until April 13. Only essential services will be maintained. These include grocery stores, pharmacies, emergency services (health, police, fire), telephone, Internet and information services, and the logistics of food supply chains, essential goods and medical equipment manufacturing. For restaurants, takeout orders, deliveries and car services are still permitted.

The complete list of essential services can be found on the Québec government website. (In French only)

Self-care guide – COVID-19

The Québec government has also launched a COVID-19 self-care guide to help each individual make the best possible decisions regarding their own health and that of their families during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. It sets out the best ways to protect and care for ourselves and family members, as well as information about when and where to consult a doctor, if required.

Seniors’ residences

The government is asking all seniors living in residences not to go out, except under supervision. This new measure aims to prevent the virus from entering seniors’ residences. Those aged 70 and over are most at risk.

Humanitarian assistance

It is important to show solidarity with our neighbours, our seniors and community organizations and come to their aid. Offer your services so that our seniors can receive all the food they need without leaving their homes by observing social distancing of 2 metres.

Investment in scientific research

The Government of Canada has announced a $192M investment in scientific research to support the development and production of vaccines in Canada, a long-term solution to treat and prevent COVID-19.