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Invitation to all – Public consultation on the Valois Village Special Planning Program

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, Morris Trudeau, and members of City Council are pleased to invite residents to a public consultation session on the Valois Village Special Planning Program on Tuesday, February 28, at 7:30 p.m., in the City Hall Council Chamber at 451 Saint-Jean Boulevard.

“We adopted the preliminary version of the Special Planning Program for Valois Village at the last Council meeting,” says Mayor Trudeau. “After the City’s new Planning Program was adopted in 2010, it was decided that a Special Planning Program would be developed for Valois Village, as with Pointe-Claire Village, in order to preserve its assets and its appeal and ensure its long-term existence.”

The project to enhance the Village began in the spring of 2016 with various community consultations: a telephone survey, meetings, discussion groups and two exchange forums. A territorial analysis was also conducted based on observations, land surveys, and analyses of by-laws and statistics.

The proposed directions will be used as a reference for implementing development objectives. The creation of an increasingly more accessible and safe environment, the development of a visual identity unique to the area, the consolidation of the Village as a local commercial destination and friendly and vibrant living environment are all elements that were discussed with the community during the meetings and that will be presented at the public consultation.

You can submit your comments by email to urbanisme@pointe-claire.ca, before February 24. City Council will review your comments to prepare the final version of the SPP.

“Valois Village is a business core, a life environment, and a gateway to Pointe-Claire,” says Mayor Trudeau. “Our goal with this project is to make sure that it is provided with a long-term vision that celebrates its history and represents our community’s needs.”

Please confirm your attendance at the public consultation on February 28 by contacting the City at 514-630-1200 or at communications@pointe-claire.ca.

To view the preliminary report, click here.


Information: 514-630-1200, communications@pointe-claire.ca