Terra-Cotta Natural Park

The terra-cottaTerra-Cotta Natural Park is a natural green space of 39 hectares in the heart of Pointe-Claire.

The preservation of this park has always been treated with the outmost importance. Furrowed by six kilometers of PATHS, it allows visitors to make contact with a diversity of eco-systems and observe different types of vegetation and animal species, thus imparting it with an important ecological value.

The park also provides a pleasurable area for walking, nature observation and bird watching.

terra-cotta mapHistorically, from 1912 to 1962, a portion of the clay deposit on the site was exploited by the Montréal Terra Cotta and Lumber Co. The clay, mixed with sawdust, was baked on site to produce hollow tiles used for the construction of walls and floors.

Since 1971, a citizens' association, The Terra-Cotta Conservation Area Project (Pointe-Claire) Inc., has greatly contributed to the preservation of this natural site. You can consult the Article collection, written by different members of the association describing some charasteristics of this majestic park.

For more details about the association, please email Mr. Fred Pennell at jjpennell@bellnet.ca.