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2017 budget

New and better services and budget growth limited to 1.2%

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, Morris Trudeau, and members of City Council are pleased to announce that the growth of the 2017 budget is limited to 1.2%, a figure that is within inflation parameters.

“Through careful management, we are in a position to provide new and better services for residents in 2017, with significant improvements in our presence throughout Pointe-Claire and our activities in terms of public security and municipal inspections,” says Mayor Trudeau. “As a consequence, the average tax increase for residential properties in 2017 will be 0.83%, which is less than the rate of inflation. This translates into $28.42 for the average single-family home.”

The total amount of the 2017 budget is $131.9 million, with a net growth (excluding new services) that, as noted, is below the rate of inflation.

“Our administration’s disciplined management over the past three years has enabled us to contain the average increase in City budgets to 0.2%, while the rate of inflation was 1.53% for this period,” notes the mayor. “Over these three years, the average tax bill for a single-family home has increased by 1.38%, which is a reduction of the financial burden for all homeowners.”

Proactive management practiced to guarantee the longevity and appropriate maintenance of City infrastructure elements has enabled the City to establish a special reserve that may reach $25 million, of which $2 million has already been paid in 2016 and to which $500,000 will be added in 2017. Comparable investments are planned in upcoming years in order to ensure the maintenance and longevity of City buildings.

Following the City’s principles of sustainable development, financial planning takes into consideration, for the third consecutive year, a major infrastructure rehabilitation program providing for the repair and rebuilding of some twenty boulevards and avenues. These investments ensure that all of Pointe-Claire’s streets, mains and infrastructure elements are progressively upgraded through an ongoing process that will improve quality of life.

“The 2017 budget reflects City Council’s approach to providing you with services that are fully consistent with your ability to pay, based on discipline and sound management principles,” concludes the mayor.


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