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27 additional collections to sort and recover waste instead of sending it to landfills!

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, John Belvedere, would like to inform residents that 27 collections have been added this year to encourage waste sorting and recovery.

“These additional dates will allow us to better meet the needs of the community in terms of waste management, make it easier to sort waste properly, and limit the amount of household waste sent to landfills, as part of our vision focused on sustainable development,” stated Mayor Belvedere.

Here are the new additions in 2018:

  • Seven new dates in the spring and fall to place your containers and paper bags filled with leaves at curbside along with your green rolling bin every Monday;
  • Three additional dates for the door-to-door collection for bulky items in April, May, and October;
  • One additional Ecocentre day in the spring;
  • Three new dates for the door-to-door collection of upholstered items in May, July, and September;
  • Thirteen additional household waste collections during the summer to determine their impact on the environment.

“The weekly household waste collection, from June 5 to the end of August, will allow us to better focus our actions in the future. In 2017, waste characterization indicated that 65% of the waste we sent to landfills could have been recovered. This is a challenge we must face to protect our environment. The more we sort, the more we recover, and the more government grants we receive,” added Mayor Belvedere.

Last year, an 8,150-kilogram sample of waste was characterized, revealing that 45% of its contents included organic waste and 20% consisted of recyclables and other various items (bulky items, construction materials, fabrics, hazardous household waste, and polystyrene products).

The weekly household waste collection during the summer will allow experts to reassess the environmental impact of our actions thanks to a new waste characterization study that will take place from spring to fall.

“All of these steps confirm our commitment to listen to the needs of our community in order to offer constantly renewed services while protecting our environment,” explained Mayor Belvedere.


Information: 514-630-1200, communications@pointe-claire.ca