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New Planning Program – Adoption of a first draft and freeze on the development of Pointe-Claire’s strategic sectors

The Mayor of Pointe-Claire, Tim Thomas, and the members of City Council adopted a first draft of the new Planning Program at a regular meeting on February 8, with an eye to fostering a discussion on the future development of the territory. This first stage is the starting point for working with the community to elaborate a desirable development vision for Pointe-Claire. A temporary interim control measure was also adopted that puts an immediate freeze on the development of strategic sectors during the review process.

“We are committed to Pointe-Claire’s harmonious development and we want a living environment that is ever more inclusive, welcoming, attractive and respectful of the environment. Last fall, many of you shared your thoughts on the development of our city. The adoption of a first draft of our future Planning Program is a starting point in fostering discussions and consultations, so that, together, we can continue to talk about the future of our living environment,” said Mayor Tim Thomas.

This first draft of the Planning Program offers a vision and preliminary directions that will foster the discussions, workshops and public consultations over the next two years. Current and future analyses and studies will add to this process and enrich both the Planning Program and municipal by-laws. The various stages leading up to the adoption of the new Planning Program and updated municipal by-laws will continue until summer 2024.

To consult the draft Planning Program, click here.

Freeze on the development of certain sectors on the territory

The temporary interim control applies, in particular, to the City Centre, large shopping centres, Pointe-Claire Village, including La pointe Claire, and Valois Village. It is applicable for certain types of projects that are specified in the interim control resolution.  For example, for the duration of the freeze, no permits can be issued for the construction or conversion of a multi-residential building in the City Centre sector.  Moreover, no permits can be issued for the construction of a new main building on the site of identified shopping centres.

This freeze will allow us to continue to engage in discussions and define a development vision that takes into account both the community’s interests as well as Pointe-Claire’s development obligations under the Montréal Urban Agglomeration Land Use Plan.

To consult the interim control resolution, click here.

“When the time comes, we are counting on the participation of one and all in the public consultations, workshops and discussions so that we can define a common vision of the future development of our beautiful city. We want this Planning Program to be the best possible guide for current and future citizens, Municipal Council, City employees, as well as for every contractor, business or industry owner already operating or interested in operating in Pointe-Claire. We want a Planning Program that responds to current challenges while taking into account the future needs of our living environment. We want Pointe-Claire to be and to continue to be a great place to live,” said Mr. Thomas.

Pointe-Claire’s Planning Program

The Planning Program is the primary management tool in urban planning for the entire city. It presents the vision and development directions that are then reflected in the City’s planning by-laws. Adopted in 2011, Pointe-Claire’s Planning Program also includes three Special Planning Programs (SPPs) and establishes the directions for the future development of certain sectors, namely, the City Centre (2018), Pointe-Claire Village (2016) and Valois Village (2017). The review process was launched in 2019, and was put on pause at the start of the pandemic.


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