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Artistic Competition of the 2019 Cultural Rendez-vous

Talent in Pointe-Claire

Three classes from two different schools won awards this year at the artistic competition of the Cultural Rendez-vous, under the theme Catch the Light!

The Saint John Fisher School’s project entitled Sans-titre, under the supervision of Carolyn Laroque, won the Stewart Hall award, presented to participants who stand out for their creativity and the quality of their work.

The second prize, awarded by public vote, was exceptionally awarded to two projects that were tied on the ballot:

  • L’Envolée, by École primaire Pointe-Claire’s Grade 3 class, under the supervision of teachers Isabelle Guarnaccia, Johanne Montpetit and Christine Nadeau, and
  • Sans-titre, by École primaire Pointe-Claire’s Grade 2 class, under the supervision of teacher Linda Liu.


The traditional artistic competition of the Cultural Rendez-vous offers Pointe-Claire daycare and school students a unique opportunity to participate in a major cultural event in their community.

Congratulations to the winning classes!