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Association des communicateurs municipaux du Québec – The children’s book Leonard’s Composting Adventures is a finalist in the Plumes d’excellence

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, John Belvedere, and the members of City Council are proud to announce that the City is a finalist in the Plumes d’excellence competition of the Association des communicateurs municipaux du Québec (ACMQ), for creating Leonard’s Composting Adventures.

“This book is a fun and original creation that aims to teach children about proper waste management. Through its colourful images, it explains in a few words what composting is, why it is important, and how you can actively get involved,” stated Mayor Belvedere.

Leonard’s Composting Adventures tells the story of a young boy and his cat as they learn how to compost and protect the planet. Their new friend, Mr. Compost, teaches them how to sort waste at source properly, how waste is turned into compost, and how composting has a positive impact on the environment. Mr. Compost takes Leonard and Kitty on a journey to a delightful, funny, and zany world full of sporty vegetables, dancing fruit, and smiling micro-organisms with a big appetite!

Last December, Leonard’s Composting Adventures won the “Coup de cœur” honourable mention at the Quebec Waste Reduction Week Municipal Challenge.

The results of the Plumes d’excellence will be announced on May 31 at the ACMQ’s annual convention. In 2017, the City of Pointe-Claire won the silver prize for the complete redesign of its municipal publications.

Information: 514-630-1200, communications@pointe-claire.ca