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Closure of A40 West on the weekends of September 18 and 26

As part of the REM work on the West Island, a segment of Highway 40 West will be completely closed from Friday, September 18 (10 p.m.) to Monday, September 21 (5 a.m.) and from Saturday, September 26 (midnight) to Sunday, September 27 (7 p.m.).

These closures are necessary for the construction of a gantry for the REM elevated structure. A gantry is a portion of the elevated structure supported by two pillars, leaving a clear space for vehicle traffic.

On these weekends, although a detour will be possible via the A40 West service road, we recommend that users avoid the area and take Highway 20 instead.

Other closures are planned for the month of October.

Information: Works info, 1 833 REM-INFO