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COVID-19 – New government measures to slow the spread

In the exceptional circumstances of the current health emergency, here is an update on the recent decisions of public authorities in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

Faced with the most serious health crisis the country has ever experienced, the federal and provincial governments are reminding citizens to do their part and follow the health and isolation guidelines. The priority now is to keep people safe and avoid spreading the virus in order to save lives.

The amounts announced by the federal government to support workers through the employment insurance program will begin being distributed April 6.

Public authorities say they have the medical equipment necessary to test and treat people. Governments are working together to ensure supplies are available for several weeks.

Let’s stay home

Governments are reminding people to stay home to limit the spread. This said, they encourage everyone to take walks outside, while keeping a distance of two metres from people they run into or cross and avoiding forming groups. Walking outside is good for the morale and helps relieve stress.

Organizing suppers or other meetings with family and friends is not permitted, as this contributes to spreading the virus. The police have been mandated to intervene to inform and break up any gatherings. The more we limit physical contact, the faster we can return to normal life.

Suspension of business activities

As announced yesterday, businesses whose activities are considered non-essential have until midnight tonight to suspend their operations until April 13.

Only essential services are being maintained, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, emergency services (health, police, fire), telephone, Internet and information services, and the logistics of food supply chains, essential goods and medical equipment manufacturing. For restaurants, takeout orders, deliveries and drive-through services are still permitted.

The Québec government’s complete list of essential services will be updated regularly.


Home visits should not be carried out over the next three weeks, despite the current lease renewal period.

Seniors’ residences: supervised outings

The government would like to remind people that outings must be supervised for seniors in residences to prevent infection and reassure seniors living in these centres. Remember that people aged 70 and over are the most at risk.


The Québec Government is developing a website to help those looking to volunteer to find organizations in their area with needs. The provincial government wished to thank Quebecers for their solidarity.


The federal government would like to remind people that all those returning from abroad must go directly home from the airport and stay there for 14 days, without going to the grocery store or visiting family or friends.