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Happy Holidays!

On behalf of City Council, I wish you a very happy Holiday season surrounded by loved ones.

Over the past year, we have continued our efforts, along with all of the City staff, to improve and enhance the municipal service offering to better meet your needs. It has been a collaborative effort, since you also shared your challenges with us, to which we responded with solutions to improve your daily life.

The members of City Council and I are proud of the progress we have made and enthusiastic about upcoming projects intended to make Pointe-Claire the best place to live! We will continue to work together to pursue and strengthen this collaboration and its achievements.

It is this community spirit that defines and drives us every day in our role as elected officials. Pointe-Claire enjoys the services of a big city with the added benefit of an exceptional community life.

As the Holidays approach, we invite you to continue to keep this community spirit alive in your surroundings by committing small acts of kindness to show you care, whether it be greeting a neighbour, offering a tea or coffee to someone who lives alone or calling relatives to catch up.

The Holiday season is a time to celebrate, take care of each other, and gather with family and friends. Enjoy all of these precious moments spent in good company.

Happy Holidays!

Mayor of Pointe-Claire,
John Belvedere