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June 1, 2023: Automated Alert System Test

The City of Pointe-Claire will conduct a test of our automated alert system on Thursday, June 1st, 2023, starting at 6 p.m. so that everyone can familiarize themselves with the system. Those who are registered will receive a message by telephone call, text message, or by email. The City uses this system to reach registered residents when there are emergency alerts and general advisories to share.

Are you already registered with your landline? Add your cell phone number and email address. To ensure contact from the City during emergency situations, sign up to the alert system via text, email, and phone number. Depending on the situation, some methods of communication might not be fully functional, having multiple methods will help us reach you.

Do you have a business or company located in the City of Pointe-Claire? You could also benefit from the alert system. Sign-up directly on the City’s website.

The database contains all non-confidential listed landline telephone numbers within the City of Pointe-Claire as of March 2023, as well as all numbers registered using the online form. You can add a cellphone number or e-mail address at any time by filling out the online form.

What happens if you do not answer a call?

  • If you have voicemail, the system will leave a message.
  • If not, the system will call you back at least three times within 15 minutes.

Sign up!

  • Visit the Automated Alert System page to sign up and receive alerts by phone (voice/text) and e-mail.
  • Download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app to receive alerts on your smartphone when you are within city territory.

Cancel my subscription

  • Are you no longer a Pointe-Claire resident and wish to be taken off the list? Send an email with your name and contact information to: communications@pointe-claire.ca.

Information: 514-630-1200, communications@pointe-claire.ca