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Pilot project in Pointe-Claire on home charging of electric vehicles: EV drivers wanted!

The City of Pointe-Claire invites residents to take part in a Hydro-Québec pilot project on the energy consumption of electric vehicles. Owners of a level-2 (240-volt) electric vehicle charging station can register by filling out the pre-qualification form.

Individuals who are selected to participate will have a data sensor installed on their distribution panel by a Hydro-Québec technician. This small sensor will allow Hydro-Québec to analyze EV driver habits related to home charging and test efficient energy management strategies.

This public participation is part of an initiative called Nova 35, through which Hydro-Québec wants to test technologies and approaches to use energy efficiently and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The company aims to measure the impact of these technologies on the power system in order to prepare for their large-scale deployment. Pilot projects will be rolled out in various cities and boroughs on Montréal’s West Island in the fall and run until spring 2022.