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Pointe-Claire improves its responsible procurement practices

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, John Belvedere, is proud to announce the implementation of new purchasing standards with a new responsible procurement guide for all municipal departments.

“In terms of sustainable development, we are more proactive than ever. With the adoption of this responsible procurement guide, we have established rules that encourage purchasing goods or services from companies that are committed to sustainable development,” stated Mayor Belvedere.

Through this responsible procurement guide, the City aims to minimize its needs at source by taking into consideration the reduction, reuse, recovery, recycling, reclamation, and elimination of waste in the procurement process. It also aims to encourage social economics and good business practices.

These goals are achieved by reducing the use of raw materials and reducing the production of landfill waste. The approach will focus on choosing local suppliers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and giving priority to companies and organizations that promote social reintegration and purchases associated with the useful life of products and services.

In addition to guiding the choices and actions of all City departments, these standards will be included in the selection criteria for suppliers from now on. There will also be a transition with the City’s current partners.

“This new initiative will have a positive influence on municipal employees and on the City’s current and future suppliers by educating them about protecting our environment and by promoting good social and economic practices,” said the mayor in conclusion.

To read the responsible procurement guide, click here.


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