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Public Consultation

Popular participation and meaningful discussion on the future of the Village of Pointe-Claire

The mayor of the City of Pointe-Claire, Morris Trudeau, is pleased that more than 300 people participated in a meaningful discussion at last night’s public consultation on the draft version of the Special Planning Program (SPP) for the Village of Pointe-Claire.

“This level of citizen engagement confirms our common interest in preserving the quality of life, special character, history and heritage of our Village. We heard and appreciated everyone’s ideas, comments and opinions, and gave them equal consideration. They will be studied by the Municipal Council, which will then propose the development vision for the Village,” said Mayor Trudeau.

The draft version of the SPP is the result of three years of close collaboration with the community; it was released in December 2015 as a guide for revitalizing the Village, ensuring a high-quality living environment and guaranteeing prosperity for everyone.

“This public consultation allowed us to have constructive discussions to define the overall vision for the Village, develop a sound development plan and make the best planning choices – all in accordance with the ability of our citizens to pay,” pointed out Mayor Trudeau.

The 2030 vision for the Village of Pointe-Claire seeks to protect a living environment where people can live, work and play, while preserving it as an attractive and sought-after destination on the heritage-rich West Island of Montréal.

“In the end, some of the proposals in the adopted SPP will be implemented, while others will be modified and or ruled out. The final version of the SPP will provide us with ideas to consider together, and will help us make the right decisions in collaboration with the community,” concluded Mayor Trudeau.


Source: City of Pointe-Claire
Information: 514-630-1200, communications@pointe-claire.ca