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Recognition of the actions of five employees of the Aquatic Centre

During the Council meeting on March 12, Mayor Tim Thomas awarded recognition plaques to employees of the Aquatic Centre for having assisted a person in distress.

On December 9, 2023, a trainer had a cardiac episode and was unconscious. Thanks to the immediate intervention of the employees and the appropriate use of the emergency equipment, he rapidly received care, which saved his life. We wish to congratulate these five employees for their vigilance. Thank you to Ms. Rebecca Boriero, Ms. Artimes Fallah, Ms. Zoé Gonzalez, Mr. Bruce Malcolm (represented by his father Mr. Gary Malcolm) and Mr. Etienne Paquet.

From left to right: Mr. Etienne Paquet, Ms. Rebecca Boriero, Ms. Zoé Gonzalez, Mr. Tim Thomas, Mayor of Pointe-Claire, Ms. Artimes Fallah and Mr. Gary Malcolm (representing his son Mr. Bruce Malcolm), recipients of recognition plaques and Aquatic Centre employees.